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The Gaylord Texan's annual Christmas party includes 2 million lights adorning the atrium and a light show accompanied by Christmas music. The holiday spirit is getting into Six Flags Over Texas this year, as the park offers snowmobiling on a snow hill, ice skating on the rink and more. Four million points of light twinkle in the sky above the driveway - as a holiday attraction that will offer new displays in all shapes and types.

It all begins with a street scene from Bethlehem, followed by a six-part Christmas story with actors and live animals. By 2020, the Christmas Village will have a German - built wooden Christmas pyramid, Christmas trees, a Christmas tree house and more.

Historically significant reproductions are used to illustrate the story of Juan Diego and the Lady of Guadalupe and her relationship with the Virgin Mary. When he is assigned a profession of faith, the young and ambitious reporter Guillermo Ivan finds himself involved in the legend of "Juan Diego" and "Lady Guadiana" in his first story.

The Lights exhibition at Dallas Zoo includes lanterns made of silk - covered, animal-shaped - that will be presented in 2020 as a drive, according to events. The event also features an ice rink for children and adults with skate rental for $15 per person, including skate rental. There will also be a mini train ride for children for $10 per person (including skates) and a children's skate park.

Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Dallas Zoo in front of the Texas Museum of Natural History. Saturday and Sunday runs from 12: 00 to 17: 00, Sunday until 18: 30 and Monday and Tuesday runs from 19: 15 to 20: 45.

The selection begins at 11 a.m. on Sunday at the Dallas Zoo in front of the Texas Museum of Natural History and lasts until 4: 30 p.m., Monday and Tuesday until 6 p.m. and Wednesday and Thursday until 8: 45 p.m.

Most days the museum closes after dark, but admission to the gallery is free all day on Fridays and $2 on Saturdays and Sundays.

Groups of up to eight people can reserve a 20-minute time slot daily to visit the Joule Hotel Shop displays. On-site benefits include free parking in the hotel's garage, free Wi-Fi and a free shuttle service to and from the museum. This includes free admission to the Natural History Museum and a $2 parking permit for hotel guests.

As this time of year is popular with tourists, you should book your hotel room well in advance of your trip. Use this table to find the best time and place to stay at one of the Colony Texas hotels.

Enjoy the hotel standards you love, such as heated pools, hot tubs and spa treatments. When you get up to start your day, finish your work or play, you can retire to your hotel room to enjoy the outstanding luxury features of the hotel.

The best time to visit the colony is in autumn, from September to November, when temperatures change from oppressively hot to mild and pleasant. The lake and water parks offer plenty of opportunity to cool off, and the hordes of tourists tend to leave at this time. If you can enjoy all that the hotel has to offer, there is no better time of year than the summer months, with temperatures typically between the 80s and the 100s. The annual Texas State Fair, one of the nation's largest sporting events, will be in full swing in late August.

After the fair, it is easy to find accommodation at an affordable price, but hotels are sometimes in great demand. Most hotels offer similar amenities and, knowing their unique features, you can make an informed decision before you book.

No matter what the reason for visiting the colony, finding the right hotel guarantees that you will escape the stress of the day and relax. If you want to plan an event, the centre offers a wide variety of activities, such as yoga, yoga classes and fitness classes. This property is more than your average hotel gym, offering an indoor pool, fitness center, outdoor pool and fitness center. Run your blood pump and escape the stress of the day in a hot tub, sauna, steam bath or sauna in one of these facilities.

Many of the other holiday features will be virtual - only, including a full-service spa, fitness, wellness and spa area. There are also some additions, including an indoor pool, sauna, steam room and steam room, as well as an outdoor pool and an outdoor pool.

Come and visit us during the daylight hours when over 1 million twinkling lights will illuminate the stunning gardens. The Gaylord Hotel & Resorts Resort & Convention Center's Christmas Garden will be open from November 20 to January 3, and the trees lining the ground and the tree - the dotted grounds of the hotel's outdoor pool - will all be lit for the season. In his place, the Gaylord will have "Love the Christmas Movies" and holidays - themed Christmas lanterns. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for children, with free admission for children 3 and under.

More About The Colony

More About The Colony