The Colony Texas Attractions

The Colony City on the Lake is one of the best kept secrets in Texas and perhaps even worldwide. The colony is located practically directly opposite Frisco and Plano and has become an epicenter of community and cultural diversity while maintaining its small Texas charm.

The Colony houses three first-class golf courses, offering golfers of all skill levels challenging play and a variety of leisure activities. The Colony Golf Course and Hidden Valley Golf Club offer sandvolleyball and picnic areas, a pool, golf course, tennis courts and much more.

If that's not enough, Nebraska Furniture Mart's frequent events feature live music, food trucks, live entertainment and celebrity guest appearances from Katy Perry, Erin Moran and more. An adult playground and beer garden are also available, as is an all-you-can-eat food truck.

If that is not enough, you will soon find that there is more to do in the colony. Enjoy the beautiful golf course in Colony, take a new twist on the classic TopGolf game, play a round at one of the top-ranked lake golf courses in Texas, splash around and stay cool in the fall.

This 9-hole golf course is located on a peninsula rising out of Lewisville Lake and is one of the most popular golf courses in Texas. Take the road, hit the land - based on fun and hit hits on the golf course, or just get out to the lake for a fun day.

The colony and the surrounding area offer a variety of opportunities to fill your leisure time with leisure activities. The Tribute Colony offers a wide range of activities for children, adults and children of all ages and abilities. Come to the Fun Colony for a day of golf, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, hiking and more!

The Colony Shoreline Trail offers land - fun for all who just want to get out. The heady bird views and interpretative signs tell more about the flora, fauna and history of the area.

The list of attractions in the colony is endless and still growing, from the award-winning golf course to live music, art, shopping and restaurants, the list is endless. The varied choice of parks offers a variety of amenities, including hiking, cycling, jogging trails, golf courses and a wide range of activities.

Take your friends and family to Lakes Lanes, the bowling alley at the Colony, for a day of bowling and arcade games. Bring your fighting spirit with heart to Laser Day DFW - pounding games like pinball, darts, poker, card games and more.

Lewisville Lake is also one of the most popular lakes in the Dallas area and is surrounded by a variety of parks and trails that provide a safe place for wildlife and people to meet. Lake Lewisville is surrounded by the largest freshwater lake in the Dallas area, where you can ski, canoe, kayak, paddle and more. It is also a great place to spend time with friends and family, as well as a popular destination for picnics, hiking, cycling, fishing, camping and other activities.

The colony is a relief from the summer heat and gives families the opportunity to share an experience they will remember fondly for many years to come. Private luxury cabins are also available to allow families to relax and turn a visit to a Texas water park into a mini vacation.

The only place where you can shop in the colony is so small that you could get lost here, but inside the colony you will find everything you need, from clothes and accessories to food, clothing and even hidden treasures.

The furniture store in Nebraska, Texas, opened in May 2015 and covers about 90 acres and is the equivalent of 40 football fields. The 433 hectare site will include a variety of shops, restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and more than 1,000 hectares of residential and commercial space. This is not the typical furniture store, it covers a total sales area of 4500 square meters and has opened its doors to the public for the first time ever.

The city of colonies has 28 parks and numerous open spaces with a total of more than 1.5 million square meters of open space. As the colony grows, there will be a shortage of prime land on more than 700 hectares (280 of which have already been developed, including the facade of State Highway 121). Hidden Cove Park covers 2,500 square meters and offers a variety of parks, playgrounds and other outdoor activities for children and adults. Infrastructure projects in Colony include the construction of a new city center, the first of its kind in Texas, which will be 10 miles between the three cities.

Stewart Creek Park, which stretches over 65 acres along the shores of Lewisville Lake, has hosted numerous events in Colony. Autumn Leaves in North Carrollton is located in the heart of the city, just blocks from the new downtown and is ideally located for the growth of the community.

More About The Colony

More About The Colony